Our Mission

The primary mission of the IIFC is to train mental health professionals while providing affordable counseling services to the local community and serving as a center for counseling research. The training involves the development of a strong professional identity as a mental health care provider including ethical, clinical, business, and research practice. Historically, a distinctive feature of the Institute has been its concentration on family-related issues.  Currently, the IIFC uses diverse therapeutic models and approaches to address a wide-range of counseling issues for individuals, groups, couples, and families.

The faculty considers the practicum component of the counseling programs, coordinated entirely through the IIFC, to be one of the most vital parts of the students’ education and training.  Furthermore, the faculty must ensure that services provided to the community are of high quality.  Given these priorities, the students’ performance at the IIFC is regarded as a very significant matter.

To support the community and to provide affordable services, the IIFC uses a sliding scale fee system to determine the cost of therapy. This fee is based on the client’s income and number of dependents.